Friday, September 4, 2009

What does a Moose look like?

 We regularly ask prospective clients, “Who is your target prospect? What do they look like?” Some executives take up to two weeks to give us a straight answer. If you’re hunting moose (even with your new digital camera) it seems obvious to know what one looks like. Today’s salespeople waste time “pitching” unqualified prospects and regularly fail to create and nurture potentially profitable relationships. To maximize the value of your selling time, we recommend this multi-pronged approach.
  • Strategically guide your sales efforts towards a genuine specific market

  • Carefully scrutinize your complete sales process (adjust it where needed)

  • Ensure that you engage your prospects with a specific and tailored approach

  • Provide value-creating contact with your key customers
In other words, have something to say, say it often, say it effectively to the right people securing their business in such a way that you keep your competitors out.

After scrutinizing hundreds of strategic sales plans, we’ve discovered that most of them are articulated intentions, rather than clear strategies. They lose momentum in the all-important execution stage.

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