Thursday, January 21, 2010

Facts and Fallacies About Selling - Fallacy #9

Young people do not want to enter selling as a profession.


Few professions offer earning above-average money and building a reputation for fair and considerate treatment of customers as sales. It is important we clearly communicate this opportunity to our rookies. The hard truth is that, in sales, we all need to earn our keep.
Since the bulk of salespeople are marginal, average incomes seem low.

When asked, “What does your average salesperson make?” We answer, “Are you planning to be average?” We’re serious. It’s not uncommon for highly competent, professional salespeople to earn six figure incomes. Selling at the highest level of competency is one of todays most secure and well-compensated career opportunities. Organizations are desperate for salespeople who consistently seek out and do business with new clients. Getting clients to switch from doing business with competitors is a necessary competency in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Simplistic selling skills are not enough.

Our new generation of young people are competitive, yet team-players. They can be self-reliant, but want to work as part of a team to achieve something bigger than themselves. They want, and require direct, clear, and specific feedback. They are not afraid to practice core skills, but are suspicious of simplistic theories about sales and often resist obviously manipulative tactics.

The want tips, but lose patience when other drone on about the past.

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