Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What buyers want and what they get from most salespeople

What buyers want:

Products and services that generate or save real dollars.

High value contact time with salespeople who create genuine value before signing agreements.

Accurate, unbiased and plausible business cases for their purchase decisions.

What buyers typically get from most salespeople:

Salespeople selling the wrong products and services for the wrong reasons on price alone.

Salespeople asking irrelevant questions followed by an obvious generic sales pitch.

Little, if any, connection to the buyer’s specific needs or wants.

Generic, boiler-plate proposals or spec sheets.

80% of most organization’s sales are still booked by the less the than 20% of salespeople who do not fit the above sales model costing both the seller and the buyer millions.

Quick-fix, technique based seminars or complex strategic approaches miss the target. Some organizations have long ago given up in frustration trying to elevate their salespeople’s competency. Others know what they are doing misses the target, but what choice do they have? Plenty, and here are a few suggestions.

  • Study the buyer, not the product.
  • Know the application of products and services, rather than specs alone. 
  • Listen from the buyer's perspective. 
  • Listen for aspirations and values as well as product needs.
  • Give no prescription without diagnosis.

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