Monday, March 1, 2010

Sales Intelligence

Aberdeen Research* released a new report around the theme of Sales Intelligence-preparing for smarter selling.

The one big challenge and requirement for sales data mining is still an inability to identify the most likely buyers of our product or service.

Maybe it's time to revisit our popular "What does a moose look like?" post.

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The Aberdeen report* goes on to say that the bottom 30% of aggregate performance scorers have 74% of their salesforce falling short of annual quotas! Whew! In contrast, the top 20% of performing companies have 48% hitting quota. 

This is a horrible track record, even for the best organizations. 

I wonder if sales organizations will ever wake up to the sales their people leave on the table? Every time we work with salespeople on their performance, they increase sales from 12 - 80% or more. This indicates that sales left on the table is still an issue ignorded by most managers.

Here's a tip: If salespeople say "these leads are no good" re-visit their competency in converting leads to sales. It's also a good idea to re-visit your customer profile and determine how to get connected to the high-value prospects in your market.

If your organization requires salespeople to find new business, then you need people who love to uncover opportunities and are not afraid of making "cold-calls." New business development calls should be called "gold" calls, not "cold" calls!

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