Thursday, April 8, 2010

Selling Dimensions - What is Your Natural Selling Style?

We instinctively sell the way we buy. However, to reach higher levels of sales performance, it's necessary to sell the way our prospects buy.

In this series, we'll specify various selling styles based on the work of John G. Geier Ph.D and Dorothy Downey M.S. Their DISC model, widely copied but rarely matched in quality, is a terrific place to begin when attempting to up our game and increase our sales.

Our first category is based on the "High Red" profile.

Selling Profile #1: The Dominator

Here is a brief description of their behavior in various phases of the sales process.

Product knowledge: Displays impatience with having to learn all the facts of the product/service they sell. They tend to become an expert only in part of the overall offering.

Opening: Tend to rush in with a hard driving approach.

Handling Objections: Perceive the prospect's questions as a signal for the contest to begin.

Customer Knowledge: Makes a quick judgment about the prospect. Relies mostly on their own intuition.

Persuasive techniques: Seeks to cultivate an impressive appearance in look, voice and mannerism to give weight to their presentation.

Dealing with conflict: Welcomes it.

Listening: Thinks ahead of the speaker. Is often inattentive.

Dominators are not overly concerned about the customer as an individual. They are there to compete. They avoid taking no for an answer. Their goal is to keep talking and leave little, if any, opportunity for the prospect to ask questions or make comments. They attempt to wear down the prospect's resistance and often succeed.

If they are not careful, customers may become dissatisfied because a genuine working relationship may not have been cultivated. Dominators relish the new and different and love to be seen as a leader.

Another descriptive term for this selling style could be: Jungle Fighter.

We'll continue with other styles in subsequent posts.
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