Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Selling Dimensions - What is Your Natural Selling Style? Part II

We instinctively sell the way we buy. However, to reach higher levels of sales performance, it's necessary to sell the way our prospects buy.

In this series, we'll specify various selling styles based on the work of John G. Geier Ph.D and Dorothy Downey M.S. Their DISC model, widely copied but rarely matched in quality, is a terrific place to begin when attempting to up our game and increase our sales.
Our second category is based on the "High Amber" profile.

Selling Profile #2: The Crowd Pleaser

Here is a brief description of their behavior in various phases of the sales process.

Product knowledge: Assumes it is more important that people like the product (and the salesperson)than it is for them to know how to use it.

Opening: Relax the customer by talking and joking; create an environment where unpleasant issues are unlikely to arise.

Handling Objections: Avoids objections; tells the prospect it's not important or it's better to set it aside for the moment and work on it later.

Customer Knowledge: Displays a sincere interest in hearing about the other person's thoughts, attitudes, and opinions.

Persuasive techniques: Keeps the visit a friendly one; emphasizes the positive.

Dealing with conflict: Avoids it.

Listening: Interrupts - often excited.

Crowd Pleasers will undoubtedly be with us for all time. They are viewed by others to have a superficial knowledge of the products/services they sell. They may pick up too many tabs for lunches and dinners thinking that's what it takes to build business relationships. However, the approach used by some Crowd Pleaser salespeople becomes tarnished by broken promises. Service providers get irritated at following up the over-promising style of Crowd Pleasers. They are friendly and fun to be around. It is important that Crowd Pleasers adapt to today's requirements where logic and reason enter into many buying decisions.

If they are not careful, customers may become dissatisfied because a genuine working relationship may require a balanced approach.
Another descriptive term for this selling style could be: Inducer or Persuader.

We'll continue with other styles in subsequent posts.

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